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Scale Up Summit

An open users’ conference with top speakers from around the world

The Growth Summit is a well-established global event for energizing scale-ups. Following a roadmap that is redefined each year, a handpicked group of top speakers travels to different venues worldwide to inspire entrepreneurs and managers.

All participants are enabled to apply and adapt what they have learned to their particular situations. Consequently, the inspiration they take with them is only the beginning. The next, crucial step is putting it into practice. All of the content is extremely powerful and valuable and can be immediately translated into action.

In 2016 we brought this event to Germany for the first time, holding it in Berlin to give the many interested entrepreneurs a chance to familiarize themselves with the system and its facets in an extraordinary setting. We successfully repeated it in 2017, and more summits will definitely follow.

The speakers at the last summit included Verne Harnish himself, Jeff Sutherland, Alexander Osterwalder, Adele Revella, Prof. Dr. Hermann Simon, David Rendall, Greg Brenneman and many others.

The one-day summits start at about 9 a.m. and last until 6 p.m. and include enough time for the participants to share with one another and the speakers, plus a final come-together.

Would you like to learn more (e.g. about the next planned summits, venues, fees etc.) or sign up for an event?